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Alan Keck HS

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For Governor

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Meet Alan

Meet the family man, businessman and innovator ready to lead Kentucky. Alan Keck is a man of deep faith who is ready to give hope to working families, build a thriving economy, stand up for our beliefs and prevail in the KY governor's race.

Alan Keck with warehouse workers


Alan Keck has a game plan to ensure Kentucky wins. His comprehensive, commonsense platform centered around the economy, families, public safety and education sets him apart from any other candidate for governor of KY.

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Keep up with Alan on the campaign trail, as he travels the state to share his game plan for KY.

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Would you like to share your time or talent with the Keck for Kentucky team? We'd love to have you! Join our movement today.

Alan Keck

Ready to Help Kentucky Lead and Achieve

Alan Keck is the proven, trusted conservative leader in the Kentucky governor's race. Our beautiful Commonwealth deserves an experienced CEO who will stand up for our values and our way of life. Alan Keck is dedicated to our state and he's ready to lead from day one.

As mayor of Somerset, KY, and an entrepreneur, Alan Keck has a track record of success in the public and private sectors that sets him apart from anyone else in the gubernatorial primary. Not only did Alan Keck help his hometown grow at an unprecedented rate as mayor, but he also protected the liberties we hold dear as Americans and fostered an environment in which the American Dream can flourish. After years under Kentucky's current administration, we need a leader in Frankfort who shares our values and understands the needs of working families – and that leader is Alan Keck.

Alan Keck is the only candidate in the Kentucky governor's race who will make sure Kentucky wins. He'll stand for us, our families, and our future.

Chip in to help ensure Kentucky wins.

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