Alan Keck with family in the woods

Meet Alan

With Alan Keck’s public service and
private sector experience

Kentucky Wins

Meet Alan

With Alan Keck’s public service and private sector experience

Kentucky Wins

Alan Keck hugging family

Driven by his commitment to faith and family, Alan Keck is a servant-leader who has translated private-sector executive success into a thriving economy as mayor of Somerset, Kentucky. He has led a period of unprecedented growth and change in his hometown. Now, his passion for community building, personal liberty, local control and the American Dream propel him to lead Kentucky in the same way as governor — inspiring, empowering, investing in and celebrating its people and resources through experience and hope.

At his core, Alan Keck is a man who is driven by faith and commitment to his family. In every decision he makes, both are at the forefront — they propel him in a positive, hopeful and inspirational way to change Kentucky.

Alan Keck patriotic family photo

Alan Keck wants others to feel the fire he feels for community, togetherness, and a better life — and he believes the path forward for all of these is a thriving economy, building a place rooted in family values that is fruitful in experiences, celebrates arts and culture, honors history and heritage, and protects its people. Together, he believes these qualities are key to economic vitality.

Alan, his wife Tiffany and their three girls are the everyday Kentucky family. Alan and Tiffany Keck have dedicated their lives to entrepreneurship, believing we are at our best when we have the freedom to chase the American Dream. While being an executive is Alan Keck’s strength, service is his calling. He carried his private-sector success forward to effect unprecedented change as mayor of Somerset by rejuvenating the city’s economy. Now Somerset grows at twice the rate of our Commonwealth and is reaping the benefits of his platform to light up the community through a revitalized downtown and hundreds of millions in business investment.

Alan Keck family photo with dog

No other candidate for governor has accomplished this.

Faith, family and prosperity are woven intricately through Alan Keck’s entire platform. His Christian values and dedication to family drive his desire to craft true pro-life policy that not only protects the unborn but provides critical education, support and resources to mothers and families. His investment in first responders and commitment to reducing violence builds communities that feel connected, safe and proud. Understanding and living the plight of the working family helps his fellow Kentuckians feel heard and will be the catalyst for economic policy that strengthens the workforce, recruits higher-paying jobs and puts more money in the pockets of Kentucky families through tax reform.

Alan’s dedication to his beliefs, his willingness to listen and engage in constructive debate, and his unwavering desire to stay positive and serve as an inspiration to others elevate him above the field.

With Alan Keck as governor, Kentucky wins.