Alan Keck’s campaign releases first TV ad

Spot offers Somerset’s mayor as a Republican alternative to the ‘same ‘ol politics’ in the race for governor


SOMERSET, KENTUCKY (April 24, 2023) — Somerset Mayor and Kentucky Republican candidate for governor Alan Keck released his first television ad today, offering his candidacy as an alternative for Kentuckians ready for ideas and common sense and tired of the “same ‘ol politics.”

The ad — which will air on television and OTT/CTV across the state — features Keck switching off a television playing clips of attack ads from political action committees supporting the frontrunners in the race, Kelly Craft and Daniel Cameron.

Keck offers to viewers that he brings a fresh perspective to the governor’s race, one that inspires instead of demonizing others and provides solutions to some of Kentucky’s biggest challenges, including the workforce crisis, education, public safety and pro-family policy.

“Kentuckians deserve a race about the issues, but instead they are getting teddy bears and insults,” Keck said. “We have serious problems in Kentucky and we need serious leaders to solve them. Instead of demonizing each other, let’s have a real conversation about the issues and how we are going to move Kentucky forward together.”

Keck said he has been inundated with messages from people across Kentucky since the Kentucky Sports Radio debate on April 19 who have echoed they’re ready for a change.

“It has become abundantly clear to me by the feedback I’ve received from hundreds of voters across Kentucky in the last week that they are tired of the same ‘ol politics,” Keck said. “I am a commonsense, do-something leader, and I’m ready to bring fresh ideas, inspiration and hope to the governor’s race.”

Keck released his Keck Game Plan for Kentucky on Nov. 21, the day he announced his candidacy. The game plan outlines strategies for improvement in four categories — Economy, Family, Public Safety and Education — with the focus on policies that will help Kentucky grow, get more Kentuckians back to work, build the best education system in America, create a safer Commonwealth, and make Kentucky the most pro-life, pro-family state in the nation.

Keck has positioned himself as the question candidate during the race in an effort to bring radical transparency and authenticity to the race. He has answered more than 1,050 questions to date from Kentuckians and the media. Voters can learn more about Keck and submit questions on his website,, which he answers regularly on social media livestreams.