Keck for Kentucky campaign takes off with end-of-year fundraising blitz

Somerset Mayor Alan Keck, a Republican candidate for governor, raises more than $200,000 in 40 days

SOMERSET, KENTUCKY (January 2, 2023) — A platform for commonsense policy in Kentucky is resonating with voters across the state and nation: In just 40 days since announcing his candidacy as a Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate, Somerset Mayor Alan Keck has announced a fundraising total of more than $200,000.

“I am energized by the support we’re receiving from across the Commonwealth and the country,” Keck said. “It is clear voters want to see common sense return to the governor’s office in Kentucky. They want policies that put families first and put money back in their pockets, policies that protect their freedoms and restore their values. That is the Keck Game Plan for Kentucky. I am so grateful to the many voters who have jumped on board this effort by giving their time, talent and treasure, and I can’t wait to continue sharing my vision for Kentucky with people across the state.”

Keck has also dedicated his first 40 days as a candidate to answering questions from voters and the media and offers a place on his campaign website for anyone to submit a question. As of Jan. 1, he has answered 137 questions since announcing his candidacy in November and does so regularly during Facebook Live sessions (@KeckforKY).

Keck, a business executive who was recently elected to his second term as Somerset’s mayor, has seen incredible success as the community’s chief executive officer. In his short time in office, he and his team have led a period of unprecedented change in Somerset. By embracing investment in quality-of-life initiatives and reimagining economic development, Somerset has experienced record revenue without raising taxes, record business investment and record tourism spending. As a result, Somerset outpaced the state’s growth by double in the last decade.

Now, he wants to carry that success forward as Kentucky’s CEO. He is the only candidate for governor in the field with the public- and private-sector experience necessary to solve Kentucky’s complex challenges in a global economy.

“We’re losing the battle against our neighboring states because of a lack of vision, a lack of leadership and decades of archaic policy,” Keck said. “It’s time to turn that around and make Kentucky a winning state again, and I am uniquely positioned to do that because of my experience. I understand the struggle of the working family and the needs of the business community, and I have a strong desire to empower and inspire Kentuckians to work toward a better future.”

Keck is also the only candidate for governor in the race with a platform. The Keck Game Plan for Kentucky outlines strategies for improvement in four categories — Economy, Family, Public Safety and Education — with the focus on policies that will help Kentucky grow, get more Kentuckians back to work, build the best education system in America, create a safer Commonwealth, and make Kentucky the most pro-life, pro-family state in the nation.

The Keck Game Plan for Kentucky is available at, where Kentuckians can also learn more about Keck, his family and his accomplishments. 

“We have a long road ahead but I am encouraged by how quickly our message for a better, stronger Kentucky is resonating with voters,” Keck said. “I have never been more convinced that we can make Kentucky win again and I have never been more energized to travel the state, meeting Kentuckians, answering questions, and showing I am ready to create a Commonwealth for all generations with grit, determination, hard work, boldness in vision and commonsense policies that’ll move families forward.”