‘We should all have something in our lives bigger than ourselves:’ Keck shares his faith story in new video

Story will become digital ad for Kentucky GOP candidate for governor 


SOMERSET, KENTUCKY (March 2, 2023) — Faith is what built the United States and it is central to the policies and ideas that Alan Keck will put forth as governor of Kentucky, the Republican candidate shared in a new video his campaign released today.

The video, which will become his next digital ad, tells Keck’s faith story: Saved at 12 years old, Keck is a member and deacon of First Baptist Church of Somerset, an institution his family views as a vehicle for making a difference in their community. It is there his wife Tiffany began her mission to serve widows and widowers in the community by creating regular gatherings for fellowship; it is there his children began their own personal walks with Jesus Christ.

And it is a decades-long breakdown of faith and separation from the church that has led to a moral decline in the United States, Keck said in the video, which propels him to lead and serve Kentucky with faith driving his actions.



“We had a society of strong families, of people that were convicted in their faith and their belief system, that built this great society and allowed this experiment to come to fruition,” Keck said. “And we’ve lost that. The reality is we no longer fear God in America. If you look at the decline in a people of faith and that lack of fear and the moral degradation that we’re experiencing, they’re almost lockstep. And that has to change.”

Faith is woven through his platform, which he released Nov. 21, the day he announced his candidacy. The Keck Game Plan for Kentucky outlines strategies for improvement in four categories — Economy, Family, Public Safety and Education — with the focus on policies that will help Kentucky grow, get more Kentuckians back to work, build the best education system in America, create a safer Commonwealth, and make Kentucky the most pro-life, pro-family state in the nation.

While Keck acknowledged not everyone joins him in practicing the Christian faith, he believes faith alone is crucial to bringing hope and opportunity back to Kentuckians and people across the country.

“While we don’t push or force our faith on others, we need to be quick to share it, we need to be quick to live it, and whether you believe like I do or not, we all have to have something in our lives that’s bigger than ourselves,” he said.

Keck’s Game Plan for Kentucky is available at keckforkentucky.com, where Kentuckians can also learn more about Keck, his family and his accomplishments and ask questions that he will regularly answer on social media livestreams (he has responded to more than 700 so far since his announcement).